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Getting Started Pre-Listing Packet


Here is what you can expect to happen when The Eriksen Group, Inc
represents you as your real estate consultant:

WE WILL arrange to TOUR ALL AVAILABLE PROPERTIES in the area or neighborhood
  (if applicable). We encourage the Seller to come and view these homes as well.
WE WILL perform a COMPETITIVE MARKET ANALYSIS (CMA) to establish proper
  pricing of the Seller’s home by looking at the recent sales in the area or neighborhood. This information will be reviewed with the Seller prior to executing ANY contracts. We will map the properties used in the CMA so they can visually
see their location in the area or neighborhood and proximity to their home. The
CMA will include three active properties (if available) and the three, most-recent, comparable, sold properties.
WE WILL establish a SELLER’S CLOSING STATEMENT to show the Seller the typical
  expenses incurred by a Seller, and what they might expect to net at closing.
WE WILL provide STAGING/DESIGN CONSULTATION and contractor recommendations
  (if necessary) that may be needed to prepare the property for market. We will offer recommendations and helpful tips for the seller, so that when the sign goes in the yard, the home will be the “shining star” it needs to be to garner the most attention the moment they open the door to prospective buyers!

WE WILL schedule an appointment to execute the Listing Contract and paper work.
  At this meeting the Seller will sign five (5) documents including the Listing Contract. The two documents that the seller will be personally responsible for filling out at this meeting are the Seller’s Residential Real Estate Disclosure and the Lead-Based Paint Certification and Acknowledgement forms (if the property was built prior to 1978). These forms are required by law. They will also sign our Office Policy with Regard to Agency form and the Seller’s Closing Statement, noted above. This appointment typically takes around 1 ½ to 2 hours, and we will need anyone who is listed as an owner to be present for signatures – so plan accordingly! (There will be additional paperwork if they are working with a 3rd party relocation company as part of their sale).
WE WILL provide the Seller with a paper and/or electronic copy of ALL the
  documents signed as part of the listing agreement.
WE WILL also, at this meeting, take measurements and fill out the MIBOR Profile
  form. This form compiles all the details about the house into one information sheet and is displayed on the MLS system.
WE WILL perform a PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION – interior and exterior of the property.
  We will update the images as seasons change (or as needed) to keep the house current or fresh in the eyes of prospective buyers. We use a high-end digital camera with a wide angle lens to help us best capture every space in the home. Good photography goes a long way in selling a home, especially when most prospective buyers are running their searches on the internet!
WE WILL, as part of our photography session, shoot panoramic photos for the
  purpose of creating a VIRTUAL TOUR of the home. When prospective buyers are searching the MLS and view the home’s images, they will be able to click a link to take them to our Visual Tour website. There they will be able to see moving panoramic images of the home as well as additional photos not featured on the
MLS page. (upon request, we will furnish the seller with a disc of the presentation images for them to keep)
WE WILL submit for inclusion, all documentation into the multiple listing service and
  office database.

WE WILL place appropriate SIGNAGE at the home. Multiple signs will be used as
  needed (Corner lots, golf course lots, lake front, etc.). Our signage will be a REFLECTIVE panel hung from a wooden post for MAXIMUM exposure. Information will be clear and concise. Enhanced by a reflective surface, the signage will be easy to read – even at night!
WE WILL use the latest SENTRI-LOCK lockbox technology, which allows us to secure
  the home and documents who has entered the property during the listing period. There are 6000+ agents in Indianapolis, but in order for them to show the home, they must be MIBOR members with an active access card. If the card falls into the wrong hands, it is still password protected with a mandatory update every 30 days.
WE WILL immediate feature the property in the MLS and its public weblink –

We will also feature the home on the following WEBSITES:
www.kw.com, www.indystar.com, www.realtor.com, www.realestatebook.com, www.realestate.com, www.livingchoices.com, www.homepages.com, www.yahoo.com, www.bellsouth.net, www.houselocator.com, www.homegain.com, www.google.com, www.lycos.com, www.viacom.com and www.bobvila.com.

We also will feature the home on our own personal website: www.theeriksengroup.com. There are several marketing vendors we use that will also promote the home on their respective websites and other linked websites. Needless to say, we maximize the exposure of the home throughout the worldwide web!
WE WILL submit information to THE REAL ESTATE BOOK magazine for publication at
  the earliest possible dates. The Real Estate Book provides vast print and online distribution across the country. The publication is placed in strategic and logical locations – such as the airport and hotels where inbound transferees might be staying on their preliminary visits to Indianapolis. Studies have shown that a smaller publication with color advertising appeals to the consumer more so than the larger books with black and white advertisements.
WE WILL assign an information hotline number through our IVR system, ARCH-
  TELECOM, to “capture” as many potential interested parties as possible for the property. This system allows us to offer potential buyers immediate information about the home. The hotline number will appear in any and all print advertising in which the home is featured.


WE WILL create and provide FULL COLOR BROCHURES and information to have on

  display in the home for all prospective buyers.
WE WILL canvas the subject community with JUST LISTED POSTCARDS or flyers in an
  effort to expose the property to as many potential buyers as possible – NEIGHBORS TALK TO EACH OTHER!
WE WILL mass mail an INVENTORY UPDATE featuring the property to our personal
  database which consists of around 700 friends, family and past clientele living in the Indianapolis area.
WE WILL POST THE NEW LISTING INFORMATION prominently in our office, where
  more than 100 Keller Williams agents will see the home and information, so that they will have it in mind for their own buyers.
WE WILL promote the property in other real estate offices that service the same
  areas/neighborhood. Real estate agents talk to one another. We see new inventory daily and discuss the stand-out homes. WORD-OF-MOUTH PROMOTION may seem the simplest tool for marketing, but it is, BY FAR, the most effective!
WE WILL schedule OPEN HOUSES (if necessary) on Sunday afternoons – weather,
  holidays & Colts football schedule permitting.
WE WILL schedule BROKER TOURS of the property during the crucial first few weeks
  the property is on the market. Again, while it is great to have showings and open houses, the best exposure is to the agents who work in the area!
WE WILL SCHEDULE ALL SHOWINGS for ANY agent via our Market Center—a 7 day a
  week appointment center. This process keeps the showings simple, organized, and documented.

WE WILL, when it’s within our power, make sure potential buyers are QUALIFIED
  BUYERS before an offer is presented, and if possible, before they ever set foot in the home!
WE WILL establish contact with a title company to begin the TITLE SEARCH process.
  (The title company may be pre-selected if the property being sold with a 3rd party relocation company).
WE WILL provide the Seller with verbal or written feedback every week. Showing
  agents are sent feedback request forms by our office whenever they schedule a showing. We set aside time during the week to request any feedback that has not been submitted or phoned in. We compile that information and update our clients with our CLIENT CARE CALLS during the week through voicemail or e-mail if we do not speak with them in person. Obviously, if there is pertinent feedback or criticism during the week that we feel is important, we will relay it to the Seller earlier as needed.
WE WILL aim to be as accessible as possible to the Seller via phone or e-mail, as we
  aim to meet and exceed their expectations throughout the home selling process. A consultant is of little value without COMMUNICATION and EXCELLENT SERVICE.
WE WILL customize our marketing plan to the needs and desires of the Seller in
  order to create a WIN/WIN process!

WE WILL negotiate the terms of the offer and keep the Seller informed and updated
  on all important information.
WE WILL request Pre-Approval letters from all prospective buyers to ensure that
  they are qualified to proceed with the transaction.
WE WILL make certain all required forms and documentation are executed in
  correctly and in proper time frames.
WE WILL negotiate the inspection process (if applicable) on behalf of the Seller.
WE WILL establish a closing date and time with the title company and attend closing.

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